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Health and wellness are incredibly important for the long term success of communities. Without proper health education, and resources, a community will not be able to be of service to others and live a life that’s worth waking up to. The health of a community goes beyond the person itself, affecting the ecosystem that the individuals lives in as well. The Quad City Health Initiative is no stranger to this type of thinking, providing numerous ways for individuals in the QCA to be healthy, and live the best life for themselves. I wanted to take some time today to highlight the Quad City Health Initiative and some of the great work they are doing to make the QCA a better place for everyone.

What is the Quad City Health Initiative?

The Quad City Health Initiative is essentially a group of leaders and members interested in public health, that help assist with education and community engagement to improve overall wellness in the QCA. Starting in 1999, they have now emerged as a top resource in the area to help foster this goal. Now, they still work towards the overarching idea of improving the health and wellness of the Quad Cities through partnerships with health providers, educations, businesses, governments, and many more agencies. Through these partnerships, community events and access to quality information and opportunity to improve health and wellness are offered to many.

Who are the board members of the The Quad City Health Initiative?

The partners of the The Quad City Health Initiative come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are the heads of hospital in the area, while some are primary directors of local gyms, such as the YMCA. In addition to this, there are even some board members that are associated with local banks, churches, and school districts. I found this very interesting, but also amusing, as it creates a very wide range of individuals in the community to provide the best tactics and perspectives on tackling public health.

What are some of the projects of the The Quad City Health Initiative?

At the end of the day, the The Quad City Health Initiative has the primary goal of making the Quad Cities a happier, and healthier place to live in. This can be done in a variety of ways. The two current projects that the The Quad City Health Initiative are working on are “Be-Healthy QC” and “,Tobacco-Free QC.” Although these are the current health projects they are working on, there are numerous other events, and ideas behind the scenes that are working to promote public health in the Quad Cities. To find out what is currently being addressed by them, visit their website here:

Be Healthy QC

Be Healthy QC, is one of the programs that I recognized when I was visiting The Quad City Health Initiative’s website. Be Healthy QC is a large database that helps to funnel public health information about eating well, exercising, and living a health promoting life all in one easy to access place. There is information on local trails to ride your bike and walk on, healthy eating ideas, and even a few resources for children to promote health in youth. In addition to this you can also find local companies that are participating in a “workplace wellness program,” to promote health in the work setting, with resources on how to best implement this into your own corporate setting. You can also find out information on different members of the Be Healthy QC coalition, which highlights local businesses that are working with The Quad City Health Initiative to promoting health in the QCA.

Tobacco-Free QC

Tobacco-Free QC is a project that is working in conjunction with The Quad City Health Initiative to provide resources to individuals on the harms of smoking, and ways you can address quitting. In addition to this, there is also resources on the harms of nicotine and electronic cigarette use as well. I think this is increasingly important to address, as younger generations are clinging to these as not only “healthier” options, but “cooler” options to fit in with their friends. We of course know that these alternatives are not better for us, and addressing this through education and resources is a necessary intervention.

Final Thoughts

The Quad Cities Health Initiative has a strong hold in creating a happier, healthier environment for individuals in the Quad Cities. We hope that with some of this basic information, you will reach out to their website and find out more about their ideas and how to help the QCA be a better place to live.

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