The HUGE Problem With Your 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Don’t Start That Challenge!

I was scrolling through social media the other day, and came across this 21 day wall pilates fitness challenge app. The advertisement prompted numerous different exercises you should and shouldn’t do, while giving a brief snapshot of what the challenge might look like. Although it may seem like there isn’t anything wrong with the app, you will change your mind completely by the end of this article. Make sure to check out the video above, to see what some of the exercises look like!

What’s The Problem

To start off, we need to talk about the exercises being shown as a demonstration. The three movements were variations of a plank movement, bridging movement, and squat movement. Although these exercises aren’t “bad,” they just aren’t the most effective ways you could be working those muscles. The even bigger issue, is that the app told you to do the shown exercises, instead of another subset of movements. The movements listed below the top one, work an entirely different set of muscles. So basically, you are told to do a core exercise, instead of a leg exercise, a glute exercise instead of an upper body exercise, and a strength exercise instead of a cardiovascular exercise (being running.) This isn’t like having somebody do biking instead of running, because it hurts their knees. The detailed exercises work completely different aspects of fitness.

That’s Not All

On top of that, the app doesn’t give you any information on why you are doing an exercise, and is completely generic in their “daily challenges.” Why should you do a glute bridge instead of a push-up? The app surely doesn’t know. In addition, a few of the challenges noted were, no chocolate and soda, 50 squats in the morning, and no burgers and chips. This doesn’t seem bad at face value, but neglects the fact that some of these people may not even like burgers or already do some squats in the morning. The regimen is completely thrown together and neglects any type of thoughtful programming. But that isn’t the worst thing.

Before We Address That

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The Worst Thing

By far the worst thing about apps like this, is that is doesn’t set up people for long term success. Instead of teaching people why they should do certain exercises, or what diet would work best for them, they draw the line with simple do’s and don’ts this makes it impossible for the person to build knowledge about what to do on their own, from a program with more depth. Although it might be a decent start, I would stay away from challenges and apps like this. If you want to spend the money on your health and fitness, you are much better off having a qualified trainer for even a couple weeks, show you exercises, address diet concerns, and help get you off your feet.

One More Point

If you are thinking about starting one of these daily challenges, you might be making some other mistakes in the gym, which is why you would enjoy this video below. Otherwise you can check out our daily low impact exercise program which is affordable, and will strengthen all of the muscles in your body with no missing links.

I REGRET Making THESE Gym Mistakes (as a Beginner)

When you first begin your journey into working out and becoming a healthier version of yourself, there are so many things to consider. Where am I going? What will I wear? What should I do? There are SO many things to think about, that we often make mistakes along the way, simply due to all…

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