Reduce Aches and Pains Quickly for Seniors – Hypervolt Massage Gun Review

Being in pain is a common human experience that individuals everywhere or will deal with at some point in their life. Although it is a common experience for every individual, this does not mean it isn’t an unpleasant one. Seniors or individuals with disabilities often have a tough time with aches and pains due to a variety of different things. These aches and pains can stem from lack of mobility and strength, certain biological changes to the body overtime, and even certain medications.

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Managing this pain can be done with a variety of passive modalities. Some of these different ways that you can reduce pain and eggs could be:

  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Consistently participating in physical activity.
  • Performing manual therapy techniques such as chiropractor care and massage.

Unfortunately, a lot of these interventions will cost time and a lot of money long term down the road. With that said, I am a huge proponent in doing things such as physical activity and consistently eating proper nutrition to reduce aches and pains and live the best life you can.

Despite this, there are some opportunities we have to reduce aches and pains in our body relatively quickly and also easily. One of the ways we can do this is through the use of a massage gun. Massage guns are becoming more prevalent in sports and people who consistently exercise. In addition to this seniors, and individuals with disabilities also are starting to use these products more. Below is a short review on the hypervolt hyperice massage gun. This review will be split into six overall parts.


To begin the review, we will look at the price. The overall price for the hypervolt is a whopping $250 based off of current Amazon prices. This is a pretty penny to pay for individuals looking at purchasing a massage gun. This is especially a large number when looking at the price compared to other massage guns on the market. Although this is expensive, it is well worth the price as we will discuss below.


The next topic will be based off of attachments you receive with the massage gun itself. There is five quality attachments made with a tough durable rubber material. This material gives a little bit, but still provides enough pressure to get a good massage affect. You can purchase more of these attachments on Amazon, but the starter attachments work well for a variety of different angles and muscles do you want to target.


Moving on, we’ll talk about the speeds and power that the massage gun offers. The hypervolt packs a punch and has three speeds that give a good variety of low medium and high massage gun intensity. I will say, the highest setting is extremely intense and will likely be only be able to be tolerated by a few individuals who can tolerate that intensity. For most seniors, or individuals with disabilities, starting off at the lowest setting will be the best option for you.

Quality of Gun

The build itself of the massage gun is extremely solid, with a metal cast built up of the entire gun. If you did drop this on accident, I would not feel as if the massage gun would break. It is extremely sturdy and even on the highest power setting feels very secure in your hands, offering good stability and support.


The battery life is pretty good, with a charge that lasts about 2 to 3 hours of continuous use. Obviously you aren’t going to be massage gunning yourself for 2 to 3 hours typically, so this time frame is plenty of time from day-to-day to get massaging done. You will not have to worry about this needing to be charged after every 15 minute massage gun session you have. The battery also charges fairly quick, with about 1.5 hours fully charge it from a dead state.


I would give this product a 9.5 out of 10 rating. There is a great intensity and power within the gun, which offers you ability to massage your muscles and get rid of aches and pains quickly, although briefly. The battery charges fairly fast and holds well through even longer massage gun sessions. The quality of the machine itself is top notch, and is very sturdy and feels good on the hands, which is especially important for elderly individuals who might have pain or arthritis from gripping things. This product is well worth the money, although the initial investment is pretty expensive. I would highly consider anyone who’s looking to decrease aches and pains in their body and wants something on hand to be able to be used very quickly, to give this product a shot.

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