Promoting Inclusive Fitness in Public Gyms – July 2022

All Strong Fitness hosted an inclusive open gym, for individuals with disabilities, last week at the Center for Active Seniors Inc. (CASI) in Davenport. The goal of the open gym was to provide a large variety of individuals with disabilities, the opportunity to improve their knowledge of how to use fitness equipment in a formal gym setting, and also promote inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the public setting. The open gym was a success, with nearly 15 individuals with disabilities trying out all of the fitness equipment CASI had to offer. All Strong Fitness was available to provide coaching and supervision to the participants throughout the class. All of the individuals worked through a “check list” to show what they tried out, and also were given a small space to write down what their favorite activity was. This was a first of many inclusive fitness and health events that will be ran in the local community. All Strong Fitness’ goal is to help promote the idea of open gyms for individuals with disabilities across the nation, and to help setup and facilitate them.

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