People Who Can’t Lose Weight ALWAYS Make This Mistake (fix it quick)

If you are currently struggling to lose weight, there is likely numerous different things that you struggle with. This article, in addition to the video above, will address a common mistake people make when trying to lose weight, that is adding pounds to the scale as we speak. If you care about making weight loss the easiest for yourself, paying attention to everything outlined in the article is crucial.

How Do We Lose Weight?

Before we dive into the mistake you are probably making that will make weight loss much harder for yourself, we need to first address how one loses weight to begin with. Weight loss is all a numbers game, being that you need to eat less calories per day than you burn in a day. This is also called energy balance. If someone, for example, burns 2500 calories per day, and is eating 2000 calories per day, they will be in a 500 calorie daily deficit. If this is done long term, one will be able to slowly lose weight, as your body pulls the extra energy you aren’t giving it through food, through your fat. What makes this hard is that people are usually overeating on their calories quite a bit. Bit this isn’t everything. Although overeating on calories is a huge issue, people often do something else on top of this that makes losing your stubborn fat even more difficult.

What’s Going On?

A common weight loss mistake people often make is consuming too many liquid calories. Liquid calories are incredibly easy to intake, often very little nutrition, and can add so many extra calories on to your daily budget that do nothing for your feelings of fullness. For example, a bottle of beer has 120 calories, an 8 oz glass of juice has 110 calories, and a can of soda has 140 calories. These are just a few examples, but shows just how many calories are in some drinks. When you drink items like these over a long period of time, you are adding so many calories that you might not consider as “counting” towards fat gain. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as these calories do add to your overall calorie intake through the day. When trying to lose weight fully, trying to minimize or eliminate liquid calories from your diet should be a priority.

What To Do Instead

As mentioned above, trying to eliminate liquid calories from your diet is probably the best bet. This could involve drinking water, diet soda, low calorie sparkling water substitutes, sugar free juices or sports drinks, and lighter alcohol options. It should be noted that you can drink liquid calories and still lose weight, it is just incredibly hard to do so as these calories don’t make you as full as eating a chicken breast and vegetables. At the end of the day, understanding that weight loss is due to being in an energy deficit and that drinking liquid calories makes this much harder, is really the idea here.

One Last Thing

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