Is This Type of Protein Dangerous For Seniors?

Getting enough protein is a common theme among older adults and seniors who are trying to get the most out of their health. Seniors need to eat more protein than their younger counterparts, simply because they do not process protein as well as when they were younger. Because of this, finding protein sources that are both high quality, and taste good are a top priority in this population. Whether it’s chicken, pork, or beef, there are many options for older adults and seniors to choose from. In addition to these sources of protein, there is another type of protein that often gets brought up as well. This protein source some times gets a bad reputation on being “dangerous” in some circumstances. What is this type of protein? Let’s take a look at it.

What Kind of Protein?

So what is the type of protein that is often overlooked in a sometimes bad regard? Well… it’s actually protein shakes! That’s right. Protein shakes aren’t just for bodybuilders, but could also be consumed by seniors to get in some extra protein and nutrients as well. But is it really safe for them? Let’s take a look at what comprises a protein shake.

What is in a Protein Shake?

Most protein shakes on the market consist of using “whey” protein as their source of protein. Some will have casein as well, but most protein shake brands stick to using mainly whey in their formula. Although whey protein sounds kind of scary, there is actually nothing scary about it. Whey protein is simply a byproduct of dairy products. If you consume milk, cheese, or other dairy, you will be taking in whey protein from these sources. So essentially, they whey is extracted from the dairy products and put into a shake with extra flavor and nutrients.

Is This Type of Protein Dangerous for Seniors?

Are protein shakes really dangerous for seniors, then? Assuming you can handle dairy products okay, drinking protein shakes is perfectly safe for older adults. In fact, there are numerous nutritional and protein shakes on the market designed specifically for older adults. I created a great resource on the top 5 Ensure drinks for extra nutrients and health that you can check out here: Top 5 Ensure Drinks for Extra Nutrients and Health

Overall, making sure you are getting enough protein in a day should be your primary concern. If you need to supplement with protein shakes to get extra protein and nutrients, then by all means. I would just remind you to try to get other sources in as well.

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