Is Red Meat BAD for You? It Depends if You Want to Be Healthy..

Red Meat and Your Health

Eating red meat could be one of the worst things you do to your body. And this is due to three main things.

The MAJOR Problems With Red Meat

Large Amount of Saturated Fat

One of the biggest issues with red meat is that it has a high amount of saturated fat in it. Excessive amounts of saturated fat consumed in your diet can increase the chances of heart disease and stroke. The American Heart association recommends getting about 5% of your daily calories from saturated fat to keep your heart healthy.

It’s Typically Processed

Another big problem with red meat is that most of the red meat people consume is highly processed. Food like bacon, sausages, hot dogs, ham, salami, and pepperoni are all highly processed red meat, which have a large amount of preservatives in them. These preservatives, when eaten in excess long term, can increase the chances of cancer in the body.

High Calories

In addition to that, red meat is usually high in overall calories, which most people already struggle with in monitoring. Eating too many calories long term can make you obese, which increases the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain and discomfort. With those in mind, we can finally address if red meat is really bad for you.

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Is It Really Bad?

So here’s the deal. If you eat red meat in moderation, you will be perfectly okay. As long as you make sure you limit your saturated fat to 5% of your daily calories, try to avoid processed meat the best you can, and limit your overall calories, you will likely be perfectly fine. That may sound easy on paper, but I understand limiting your calories and losing weight isn’t the easiest. This is why I am going to link another article below that also might help you!

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