5 Ways the Recession is Destroying Your Physical Health

The Recession is Here

If you are concerned about the recession and what it could mean for the economy, you are joined by many others. Unfortunately, so many people gloss over the ways that the economic downturn could be wrecking your physical health. This article will outline a few ways that the financial turmoil we are seeing with our money, might be causing even more damage to our body. These things aren’t often talked about in daily life, society, and even the news, which is why I need to make you aware of them.

The Recession and Your Physical Health


The first thing to address is stress. Stress from the recession can do two different things to your physical health. The first thing is limit your bodies ability to recover and repair itself properly. If you already have a lot of other stressors in your life, such as a family and job obligations, this persistent stress lingers in your body for a long time. Chronic stress is highly correlated with diabetes, heart disease, and early death. In addition to this, times of stress have us steering away from the healthier foods we might normally grab on to, and instead towards options like ice cream and alcohol. Although this feels good in the moment, it will actually increase stress throughout your body even more, making it harder to focus on what’s going on in the economy.

Working More Hours

In addition to this, working more hours at work can also be extremely detrimental to your physical health. Not only does this increase stress levels, which as we just addressed is not good, but it also takes away time that you might normally spend working out, meditating, and practicing other self care routines. And it doesn’t stop there.

Cutting Expenses

Another thing that you might not realize is affecting your physical health is the fact that you are cutting expenses. When you cut expenses, the first that goes is things that aren’t deemed as “necessary.” Unfortunately, most people might not deem a gym membership, healthy food, and other self care tools as “necessary.” If you are someone who doesn’t have a home gym, and might be using that comfort food as a crutch, this could lead to lots of weight gain that won’t be easy to get rid of.

What do You Think?

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Not as Focused on Your Health

If those first few weren’t bad enough, these last few might be even worse. The recession brings so much uncertainty about the world and what it means for our money. You could be spending so much time focusing on every little detail of the economy, which of course won’t be going towards keeping your physical health in check. Finding time to eat healthy and workout during “good” times is already hard enough. For some, finding times to do these activities during a recession might be nearly impossible.

Hard to Get Back on Track

One of the biggest things that the recession could be doing to your physical health, is taking you off track of your normal routine. As just established, it is probably harder to find time to exercise when worrying about how bills are going to be paid. Once you’re off a healthy routines, it is incredibly difficult to get back on track. This is why many people have a tough time keeping weight off. They have one slip up, and it causes them to go back to their old ways.

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