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Finding the proper services for people with disabilities can be quite a challenge sometimes. In addition to this, finding specific services in your actual state can be even more difficult. If you are lucky enough to live in heavily populated areas, such as the coasts, New York, and many other places, you can likely ask your neighbor and they will know somewhere that can help people them find services for peoples with disabilities. The state that I grew up in, and currently reside, Iowa, doesn’t have these same privileges. Thankfully I currently live in one of the more metropolitan areas, so I do not have to fight to hard to find resources for peoples with disabilities around me. The thing about Iowa, is that a vast majority of the state is rural, making the access to these resources nearly impossible for someone living out in the country. Because of this, I wanted to take the time to highlight a wonderful database created to help serve peoples with disabilities and their families in Iowa. Let’s take a peak at Iowa Compass, and what they provide to the community.

Iowa Compass

What Do They Do?

Iowa Compass, as mentioned above, is essentially a resource database that individuals of all physical and mental capabilities can use to improve their lives. The actual office is located in Iowa City, connecting the wonderful complex of University of Iowa Health Care, to local peoples with disabilities in Iowa. Most of what is done with Iowa Compass is actually done through virtual means. How it typically works, is a person with a disability, or caregiver to some degree, will reach out via email, phone, chat, etc to see what kind of services they have to offer the person in need. After that, you will be contacted back with great care of confidentiality to look at some of the options for you. From there, it is your choice to pursue the services further on your own. There no fee for this initial help placing your where services are needed.

What Kind of Services Are Available?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of the website, is deciding what kind of services you are looking for. You will probably look at the large list of options and think “I actually could use some help with that.” It’s a great problem to have, so let’s give you an example of some of the categories. Financial, health, career, social support, transportation, recreation, education, housing, and adaptive equipment resources are just a few of many listed on the website. Numerous of these categories have subcategories so you can niche down even further to what you are looking for. For a full list of the services, visit the “services and resources” link at the end of the article.

Online Tools

Something else that Iowa Compass offers peoples with disabilities in Iowa is a few different fact and tip sheets that you can view at your own time. These resource sheets involve topics like “Tax Facts for People with Disabilities,” “Finding Accessible Housing,” and many others. Feel free to check out the link below on where to find their online “tip sheets.”

Provider Information

If you are a provider and looking to have your disability related business be part of Iowa Compass, you are in luck! There is no cost to be on the web page, although you will have to fill out your initial information and update it yearly if there is any changes. The place to reach out to will be linked below under “Provider Tools.” All Strong Fitness is actually listed on the Iowa Compass website, which is part of the reason I wanted to highlight this great database as well!

Hopefully this gives you some guidance into a place to find a whole host of information for peoples with disabilities in Iowa. Below will be the promised links to the various parts of the website. In addition, we do have a couple low-impact programs that individuals both with or without disabilities can benefit from highly! You can view them below as well.

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