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Health and Fitness in the Quad Cities

The Quad Cities is home to many individuals who love to move, eat healthy, and live the most fulfilling lives for themselves. This is one of the reasons I love living in the area so much. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals to walk or bike on trails, participate in classes at local gyms, and truly embrace being in a community that advocates for public health. The thing about being healthier, or trying to become healthier, is that it is often overwhelming. You might seem like you don’t know where to start, and may give up before even making a healthy change. Because of this, it is important to help navigate individuals who are new to fitness and health to a place that can get them questions answered, and build a sense of community. Let’s Move Quad Cities does just this, by offering a community blog that hosts a variety of different article types to help people who are new, intermediate, or at advanced stages of their health journey find like minded individuals and educate themselves.

Let’s Move Quad Cities Blog

The Let’s Move Quad Cities blog is segmented into a few different areas. Because of this, I wanted to highlight a few of the different sections, as there is really something for everyone!

Success Stories

The success stories section of the Let’s Move Quad Cities blog offers viewers a chance to connect with local individuals who have struggled in their health and wellness journeys, and navigated to a better life despite their circumstances. Some of the articles may range from avid runners who continue to push themselves in the BIX and local marathons, to older adults who have overcome health concerns through lifestyle intervention. I really like this section because it allows ANYONE of ANY age to share their story, making it very relatable for any reader.

Eat Smart and Get Fit

Who is looking for advice from local experts in the Quad Cities on how to live healthier in their lives? This section is for you! This portion of the Let’s Move Quad Cities offers multiple nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle tips and recommendations for yourself. The authors come from numerous different backgrounds including local dietitians and fitness experts. Once you’ve been inspired by the others in the success stories, you can come over to this section to start gaining some practical knowledge to make your own success story!

Battle of The Bulge

This one speaks near and dear to my heart, as I work with many seniors, and individuals with disabilities. This portion of the Let’s Move Quad Cities blog covers the stories of Alan Sivell, a local St. Ambrose professor who talks about the struggles of aging and trying to keep fit throughout the process. If you are an older adult, you will love his readings as they offer both practical and personal stories and advice that will make you realize… you aren’t alone!

What Moves Me

What moves me is a perfect place for local Quad Cities readers to go if they are feeling unmotivated to keep up with their health and fitness. This section in the Let’s Move Quad Cities blog offers the chance for Quad Citizens to talk about the reasons that keep them moving and grooving in life. I think articles like this are important because they address one crucial thing when it comes to being healthy. It’s your “WHY?” Why are you wanting to be healthier? Yourself? Your kids? It will look different for everyone, and this is a great place to see the “whys” of others to help you craft your own!

QC Outdoors

Calling all wilderness junkies… this portion of the Let’s Move Quad Cities is for you! This section details the stories and experiences of folks in the Quad Cities who enjoy spending time in trails, parks, and beyond. With such wonderful weather during the fall and spring to explore the vast trails and parks in the Quad Cites, this section speaks near and dear to my heart.

ORA Health Tips

Are you breathing? Do you live in the Quad Cities? If you answered yes to both of the questions (which I hope you said yes to at least the first one), you have probably been to ORA or know someone who has at one point. ORA is an orthopedic clinic in the Quad Cities that offers physical therapy, surgery, and consultations. In addition to this, some of the staff also give some thoughtful tips on your body and health in this portion of the blog!

Let’s Move Quad Cities is a wonderful concept that brings the health and fitness community together to motivate, educate, and inspire the Quad Cities community to keep moving! To view their website, feel free to check them out here.

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