Healthy Restaurants in Moline, Illinois – Revive Cafe Review

One of my favorite healthy restaurant options I stumbled across over the last few years in the Quad Cities was Revive Cafe. I was with my mother at the farmers market, and was walking around the indoor area of the market. During this time, we were looking for an option that steered from the (although delicious) greasy and fried food that typically riddles the market. When we were inside, we saw this little booth, marketing their Acai bowls, fresh wraps, and other wholesome foods. This is the first time I was exposed to Revive Cafe, and although they are not in the Freight House Farmer’s market anymore, they do have a storefront option in East Moline. Highlighting some of their healthy food options will hopefully bring to light yet another place that you can access wholesome and quality food in the Quad Cities. This article will look over:

  • Menu Options
  • Seating and Shop Atmosphere
  • Health and Wellness Opportunities

Revive Cafe Review

Menu Options

The highlight of the restaurant, Revive Cafe will surely have a healthy food option that brings flavor and nutrients to you. The menu is setup where the “savory” foods you can start with a base of a wrap, salad, or quinoa bowl. Then, you simply add whatever toppings you would enjoy! I personally got a southwest chicken wrap the last time I went, and my mother got the chicken, apple, and feta wrap. Both were incredibly fresh, filling, and made me feel filled with energy for the rest of the day. There are also a wide variety of juice options if you are into them. One of my favorite things to this day, is still their smoothie bowls, specifically being the Acai Bowl. I don’t know what kind of combination of fruits and everything they use, but it is by far one of the best açaí bowls I have ever had anywhere. I would highly recommend to add on an açaí bowl to your order, in addition to whatever savory wrap or juice you are going to get. Typically, they have frozen bowls that you can purchase, so you can bring them home and toss them in the freezer for whenever you want to enjoy it! The menu brings many tough choices, but you won’t be disappointed with anything. Another thing to mention is how reasonable the pricing is on all of the foods. Some times “health” shops will add a large up-charge on the food, simply because of the novelty of it being healthy. Revive Cafe strays away from this and keeps your pocketbook and body healthy.

Seating and Shop Atmosphere

The shop itself is small, but offers numerous different areas for you to sit and enjoy the food you purchases above. Inside, there is a small space for seating, in addition to a nice patio area outdoors. Assuming you are coming here when it is nice out, I would highly recommend enjoying your food outdoors as this adds to the experience of enjoying the wholesome food you just purchased. Another thing that I love about the shop, is that it has a fresh “smell.” We’ve all been to places that have odd smells, and this immediately puts your restaurant experience down the drain. Revive Cafe does not appease to this, and simply smells and “feels” fresh. It is hard to explain, but you will know what I mean if you try out the restaurant!

Health and Wellness Opportunities

One of the last points to mention about Revive Cafe is that they actually have a separate area dedicated to fitness classes, health classes, and even massage. This is all part of their “wholistic therapies” aspect of the store, which focuses on providing educational resources to remain healthy and fit. I personally love this, because it helps to bring the community together with health events, and offers more than just the wholesome food itself. The events listed above are just a few of the opportunities that they have for the public. For a full view of what is currently going on, I would highly recommend visiting the store front, or checking out their website.

Overall, Revive Cafe is a wonderful restaurant that offers healthy and wholesome food for anyone trying to watch what they eat, in addition to offering other wholistic therapy events and opportunities to the public. Revive Cafe brings another healthy food option to the Quad Cites, and while also bringing other tools to individuals looking to take a step in their health journey. Please check out the Revive Cafe in East Moline, and visit their website here for more information.

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