How to Use a Schwinn Airdyne Bike for Beginners

Let’s Get Biking!

This article, in addition to the video linked above, will give you a brief overview of how to setup a Schwinn airdyne bike if you are just starting out. Luckily, the Schwinn airdyne is incredibly easy to use, and really only has a few points of emphasis to note. I am going to link below my favorite Schwinn airdyne bike that you can check out for yourself, if you did want to grab one for your workouts at home, or elsewhere.

Setting Up The Seat

To get started with setting up the Schwinn airdyne, we need to setup the seat properly for your own height. A rule of thumb that I like to use, is to set the height of the bike seat, at the height of your hip when you are standing next to the bike. This usually puts your legs in a good position when getting up onto the bike. Some Schwinn models have another knob that actually pushes the seat forward and backward slightly. I would recommend in this scenario, to place the seat far enough forward or backward, so that the balls of your feet are firmly centered on the pedals when you get onto the bike. In addition to this, if you set the bike seat at a proper setting, your knee should have a slight bend when the pedal is fully extended at the bottom.

Using The Bike

The great thing about using the Schwinn airdyne, is that there really isn’t much to it. On the monitor, you will likely see lots of numbers, and words, such as “calories burned,” “mets,” etc. I wouldn’t really worry about these too much, and instead just use the monitor for an overall time duration if you are using the bike. Many older models don’t even have a monitor that actually works. Beyond that, you don’t actually need the monitor for anything. The bike itself is internally resisted, and simply powered by yourself. In other words, it doesn’t use electricity to work. The harder you pedal, the harder the resistance will be. When you are trying to think about workouts for yourself, realize that you can do many different ones. You could decide to do a nice long bike ride for about 10 minutes at a consistent pace, or do 10 seconds as hard as you can, rest for a minute, and repeat numerous times.

One More Thing..

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