How to Adjust Squat Rack Height and Safety Arms for Your Height

How Do I Work This Thing?

Setting up a squat rack height and the safety arms is something that many individuals struggle with when first starting out in the gym. You can spend so much wasted time looking at the rack, instead of actually getting in some good squatting done. This article, in addition to the video linked above, will talk about how to adjust the squat rack height for your own height as well as setting up the safety arms, getting you back into your workout in no time.

How To Adjust Squat Rack

We will begin with the squat rack. To understand what height to put your squat rack at, I like to use a simple rule of thumb. That rule of thumb is to place the squat rack height as high as you can, to where you can pull the bar out with just a tiny knee bend to start. If you are confused on what this looks like, I would highly recommend checking out the video above as it shows a more in depth look at how this looks. This is crucial to do it at this height for two reasons. If the squat rack is too low, you will have to do a mini squat every time you come out of the rack. If the rack is too high, you will have to un-rack the bar on your tippy toes. I would start around the height outlined above, and see what level works best for you.

How To Adjust The Safety Arms

Now that we have the squat rack covered, we can move onto the safety arms. The safety arms are important to have squared away so you are able to lift heavy loads by yourself, without the fear of hurting your body if you fail. The way I like to setup the safety arm height on the squat rack is by placing the arms just 1 inch below my deepest squat with the barbell. This means that when you go down for a squat, if you can’t get out of the deepest part, you only need to drop or lay the bar down 1 inch from that position. In the video, I demonstrate this by actually rolling the bar backward off my back. By placing it 1 inch below the part of your deepest squat, you are allowing yourself to get the weight off your back, without actually “dropping” the bar, which can be very dangerous. Just like the squat rack height, try a few different positions out and see which ones work best for yourself.

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