How to Use a Rowing Machine with Limited Mobility: A Step-by-Step Guide

I Can’t Get In!

The rowing machine is one of the best low impact pieces of cardio equipment at the gym. It works your entire body, burns lots of calories, and is easy on the joints for individuals with chronic pain. There is a problem with it though. It’s incredibly hard to get into! This article, in addition to the video above will go over a few simple recommendations I have to use the rowing machine at the gym, even if you have limited mobility.

Want To Buy One?

Before we get into the rowing machine modifications if you have poor mobility, I am going to link below the same rowing machine that we used in the video demonstration below for you, so you can have your best weight loss and cardio results, all from the comfort of your home!

Rowing Machine Modifications

There are two main issues I often consider when getting into the rowing machine, that we will address. Getting down into the machine to begin with, and grabbing the handle on the rowing machine.

Getting Down Into the Machine

Getting down into the rowing machine, if your mobility isn’t the best is incredibly challenging. If you don’t have the best of leg strength or balance, the low seat often makes this near impossible. There is potentially two ways you can get into the rowing machine slightly easier. The first one involves you using a chair or supportive device to support you, as you gently lower yourself down into the chair. The second way is to kneel down with the assistance of the chair, and then pivot your butt onto the seat, once you have kneeled down. To get back up, reverse either of the movements you did to get down.

Grabbing the Handle

Getting into the rowing machine is great, but not if you can’t grab the handle to pull! The piece of advice that I would give you in this sense, is to grab the handle with both hands, before locking your feet in. Next, you will pull one foot up into the saddle, and strap it in with one free hand. Next, you will repeat the same thing with the other foot and free hand. By doing this, you can then do a full rowing workout, until you are ready to put the handle back in its starting place.

Getting Back Out of the Machine

To get back up, reverse either of the movements you did to get down. In the video linked above, I went ahead and showed you the way with the chair as support as I believe this is the easiest way for you to get out.

One Last Thing

If you want to continue to improve your health and knowledge of the gym, regardless of your current abilities in life, you need to subscribe to our blog. Otherwise, if you still aren’t full sure how to actually use the rowing machine once you’re locked in, I’m going to link a video talking about how to do that, below!

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