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Habitat for Humanity is a world renowned organization that helps a wide variety of individuals with housing, health, and any other way they can assist in providing a better life for the individual they are serving. They typically assist individuals that are lower income, but ultimately look to serve the world. Although they are typically known for their home building services, they do have a few other resources available to take advantage of. Since I work with a lot of seniors and older adults, I wanted to highlight a couple of the key offerings they have for this specific demographic.

Services for Seniors

Ramp Building

This is something I had no idea existed with the company, but think it is such a great resource. The gang from habitat will take the time to come to your home, and assist in building a ramp to help you access your home easier. Many older adults struggle with stairs, some being in wheelchairs. This service allows Quad Cities seniors to take enjoy living in their home even more, with the comfort of easy access. It is noted that on the website that you can not be renting for them to build a ramp, in addition to needing homeowner’s insurance at the place you are residing. The costs for the ramp building are based off of a $0-$500 sliding scale, subject to income.


The next part of the Habitat for Humanity that seniors in the Quad Cities should be taking advantage of is the restore section. The restore section contains gently new and used furniture, home building materials, appliances, and even home medical equipment. Everything that is seen in the restore is donated, so the inventory is constantly changing. If you are a senior and looking for specific home amenities, at a steeply discounted rate, this is for you. The warehouse is extremely large, and reminds me of a “second-hand Ikea.” If you are a senior and looking to donate some of your old housing items to habitat, they will gladly take them to helps others in the community as well.

Restore Health and Home

I wanted to write a separate paragraph on the offerings that restore has for health and home, as I think that seniors could benefit highly from knowing about this. Medical equipment, like walkers, bath aids, and even wheelchairs can quickly add up as an expense for older adults on fixed incomes. Similar to the normal restore section of habitat, they have a completely separate area dedicated to their home medical supplies. Some of the items they have, but are not limited to, is : crutches, wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers, bath chairs, and even medical beds. The supply of items changes day to day based off of what is currently in high demand.

Where to Find Them

To visit the restore section of habitat for humanity, you can find them at their address here: 3629 Mississippi Ave.  Davenport, IA. You can also give them a call if you have questions on their current inventory here: 563-391-4949. In addition to this, you can visit their full website to find out everything they offer for our local Quad Cities community. Click here for website

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