FITNESS GIFTS FOR BEGINNERS: Budget Holiday Gift Guide (2022)

Shopping for a Beginner in the Gym

Shopping for gifts around the holiday season is no easy feat. If you are someone who is new to the gym yourself, or has never gone to the gym personally, it can be overwhelming shopping for a gym beginner as well. Individuals who just started working out are likely looking for some extra gear to and items to make the gym process much more enjoyable to take part in. I have decided to compile a few of the things that I would recommend for anyone shopping for someone who is new to the gym. The great part about these products is that not all of them are going to break the bank. Many fitness gift guides encompass only tech and expensive gear, so this gives a few more options based on your budget. All links to the products will be right under the pictures where it says “view product.”

Budget Holiday Gift Guide in 2022

Blender Bottle & Protein Powder

If you have been around the gym, you have likely seen someone with a blender bottle, drinking something out of it. Likely, they were drinking protein powder or another drink. Although you do not have to consume protein powder at the gym for the best results, having a blender bottle with some extra protein is a great way to increase protein throughout the day. The blender bottle has a little tumblr in it which helps mixing of the drink. At 9$ for the blender bottle, and $40 for the protein I enjoy, this is a great starting point.

Gym Chalk

Once you start lifting heavier weights, you may notice your hands are sweaty, and can’t hold onto the bar as well. Adding some chalk, for only $11 can be an excellent way to increase grip. If chalk is too messy for your gym, they also have liquid chalk available for only $12 as well.

Workout Shoes

What would be a proper workout, without the proper workout shoes? I personally enjoy the Nike Metcon line of shoes, and the Odyssey Line for separate reasons. The Metcons I enjoy for doing circuit training and weightlifting exercises, while the Odyssey I like better for running and walking. At around $150 based on color, size, and availability, they both are great options to level up your workouts.

At-Home Pullup Bar

Getting your first pullup is incredibly exciting. One of the best ways to do this, is by getting an at-home pullup bar to allow you to practice more often at home. For just $28 these bars are incredibly sturdy and attach to your door frame. In addition to this, you can also get a set of gymnastic rings to attach to the pullup bar for other exercises as well for just $35.

Wrist Wraps

Once you’ve started lifting for a couple months, you may notice you want to increase your performance even more. A great way to do this is with the use of wrist wraps, as it keeps your wrists stable during specific exercises. For just $20, these are a must have for those getting more serious in the gym.

Massage Gun

One of the worst feelings is being stiff, and sore after a hard workout. Having a massage gun can give you some relief to help you get back to your workouts. I have two separate massage guns, one that is generic for $30 and also a Hypervolt which I got for $199. Both work well, but if you are looking to get the best results, I would highly recommend the Hypervolt.

Lifting Belt

If the person you enjoy loves doing heavy squats and deadlifts, then a lifting belt might be another great option. The belt I showed in the video is leather, however this is pretty aggressive for beginners and expensive. That is why I am going to recommend a Rogue soft lifting belt for $40, which still provides great stability but with a little more comfort.

Water Bottle and Pre-Workout

Having a nice, large water bottle makes going to the gym (slightly) more enjoyable. I enjoy using a Nike water bottle which for only $20 gives you 32 oz. of space for whatever liquid you would like to drink. In addition to this, you can also pair the new water bottle with some pre-workout. Pre-workout is a powder that has caffeine and other supplements to help wake you up on days you aren’t feeling it. I like the Amino Energy line, for only $35. Also, the Strawberry burst flavor tastes like pink starbursts. Yum!


Nobody wants to listen to themselves breathing when they are working out. Which is exactly why a new pair of headphones could be an excellent option for your gym beginner you are shopping for. If you are looking for a cheaper option, the TOZO T-10 offer wonderful sound and quality for $30, while the always reliable Apple Airpods will give you that perfect Apple quality for $170.

Adjustable Dumbbells

These are definitely more on the expensive end at $200, but offer you so much versatility. If the person you are shopping for is planning to workout at home a lot, these are a must. These dumbbells offer weight ranges from 6 pounds, to 24 pounds, all in 3 pound increments, allowing you to complete a wide variety of lifting activities.’

Lifting Bag

Last but not least, is something to put all of the fitness gear you just purchased in! I currently use a drawstring backpack from Reebok which only cost me around $25. I used to have a larger Nike duffel which cost me $50 and was great when I had more stuff to carry to the gym.

These are a course many great beginner gift ideas you can purchase for someone. If you need some more ideas, feel free to comment below!

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