ChatGPT Leaks Top 5 Exercises for Beginners: A.I. vs. Fitness Professional

The Future Of Personal Training

I asked Chat GPT to give me the top 5 exercises for beginners to test its true capabilities. As someone who has worked with thousands of beginners of varying physical capabilities, I wanted to see what kind of exercise program the A.I. could generate for someone just starting out. Does it truly stacks up to what I would program for somebody with little fitness experience? This article will dive right into that and also talk about what it could mean if you are a fitness trainer. I think these results will shock you, so if you are in the fitness industry, make sure to read carefully.

What Exercises Did It Give?

Bodyweight Squats

Chat GPT started out by recommending bodyweight squats, claiming that it targets the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, which comprise most of your leg. This is pretty accurate as the bodyweight squat does target mainly this area, and would be a great place to start practicing the basic squat movement.


Pushups are a classic muscle, that chat GPT recommended to target the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Again, this is 100% on the muscles it targets, but does neglect the fact that some beginners might not have the strength to do a regular pushup.


Chat GPT also recommended to do some lunges, which target the legs and glutes according to the A.I. This is true, although the lunges actually work the same muscles that the squats do, just in a slightly different plane of movement, and one leg at a time.


If you’ve seen any videos of people working out in the gym, planks would have probably come up at some point. The A.I. dictates that planks target the core muscles, including the lower back and abdominals. This is actually true, and can be a great way for beginners to improve their core stability and strength.


Last but not least, Chat GPT recommended to do some rows, which targets your back and biceps. This is also true in the muscles that it works, but does neglect the fact that you can do rows with bands, barbells, or even dumbbells. This distinctions can make a difference, although the exercise selection is great. I like that it added to start slow with weight in the beginning, to use proper technique, increase intensity over time, and to consider seeing a doctor before working out if you’re at high risk. These results seem pretty good, but what do I personally think?

Wait One Second!

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What Do I Think?

So what do I think of Chat GPT’s beginner exercise program? Well, it’s actually pretty good. When you narrow down five exercises for any program, it is very hard to address everything. But to be completely honest, these are all exercises that I would program for someone if they were just starting out. I would usually try to add some type of deadlift variation, twisting exercise, or different types of carries, but for the simple fact that I limited Chat GPT to five exercises, it came out pretty solid. I was also impressed that it didn’t have any isolation exercises like bicep curls or lateral raises. Most beginners gravitate towards these are they are easy to perform, but usually I try to steer individuals first starting out away from doing these, and focusing on the main movements the A.I. addressed. But this does beg the question. If Chat GPT can spit out a decent program for beginners, what does this mean for fitness trainers?

The End of Personal Trainers?

If you are currently a fitness trainer and worried about the status of your job, don’t be. Coming up with a program is such a small part of being a fitness coach. What Chat GPT neglected to do is show you the proper form, coach any errors in the movement, offer different variations of the movements, and assess your current limitations. The power of having someone to fine tune your movement, and give you real-time feedback and correction is something that is solely lacking. So although it is cool that it came back with an ideal program for beginners, there is still much to apply.

Before You Go..

I was once a beginner in the gym, and made lots of mistakes. This is why I made this article below, which can help you learn from them! In addition to this, you can check out our low impact exercise program we made below, which is designed for beginners and individuals who haven’t worked out in years.

I REGRET Making THESE Gym Mistakes (as a Beginner)

When you first begin your journey into working out and becoming a healthier version of yourself, there are so many things to consider. Where am I going? What will I wear? What should I do? There are SO many things to think about, that we often make mistakes along the way, simply due to all…

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