CASI Davenport – Fit for Life Fitness Center Introduction 4/18/22

Yesterday, All Strong Fitness hosted a formal “introduction to the fitness center” event at the CASI Fit for Life fitness center. This opportunity has been held a few different times at the center, as a way to acclimate newer individuals to the workout equipment in the fitness center, and help to answer any questions they might have about exercises and technique. Although the event is typically for newer individuals, seasoned exercisers also stop in to make sure they are keeping up with their form and technique on the different machines. Yesterday was another great session with multiple CASI members looking to get stronger, and improve their knowledge on the machines. The members had great questions about the equipment, and about health and fitness in general. Stay on the look out for more fitness center introduction days coming in the summer!

To find out more about CASI happenings, check out their website.

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