6 Weeks On the Carnivore Diet Will CURE Everything

Carnivore Diet: The Cure All?

I stumbled across an interesting video on youtube the other day of an individual who tried the carnivore diet for 6 weeks. He discussed his overall attitude towards the diet, what led him to trying it out, and what his results from the diet were. Some of the claims that he made about what actually happened to him after consuming the diet for six weeks were… well pretty far out there. This article, in addition to the video above, will briefly outline some of the thoughts, and give my take on it.

What is Carnivore?

If you aren’t familiar with what the carnivore diet is, it’s essentially where you are only eating animal meat and byproducts of animals. This could be something such as actual meat like chicken, beef, or pork, in addition to typically full fat dairy like cheese and milk, butter or even eggs. This is your diet! No carbs like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

Why Did He Change?

The individual in the video above changed because he considered himself a “sugarholic” and had a lot of discomfort, breathing issues, and many other health problems. He found out about the carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan Podcast, , Weston Price Foundation, and a YouTube video that prompted him to adopt the diet. This is one of the big criticisms I always have with people who adopt a new diet. Usually it is done after reading extremely biased sources that are heavily swayed towards one direction in health and fitness.

What Were The Results?

The results were nonetheless, shocking. The individual in the video noted that has sinuses cleared, his mental clarity improved, his tooth aches went away, he lost weight, and a bunch of other claims as well, noted in the video above. The problem with all of this is that his diet before eating carnivore was in his words, not very good. He didn’t talk about specific amounts or food he ate, but alluded to the fact his diet wasn’t the best. Any time you replace a standard American diet, with a diet that is restricting food and is minimally processed, you will likely lose weight. Just because this happened with the guy in the video, doesn’t mean that it is “because of carnivore.” I personally never recommend excluding full food groups from a health promoting diet, especially once that neglect fiber and micronutrient rich fruits and vegetables. All in all, videos like this make it an uphill battle to have people not be so dogmatic about food intake. Nevertheless, we carry on.

One More Thing..

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