6 Habits Making Your Blood Sugar UNSTABLE (why you’re tired)

Fix Your Blood Sugar

Whether you are someone who is trying to manage your diabetes, or keep your energy stable throughout the day, managing your blood sugar is crucial to keeping your energy high and body healthy long term. This article, in addition to the video above, will briefly discuss 5 daily habits you might be doing that is making your blood sugar incredibly unstable.

High Blood Sugar Habits

Eating ONLY Carb Meals

Carbs aren’t the enemy for blood sugar. Carbs with no other macronutrients, however, is the enemy. Eating carb rich meals with no protein or fat is a one way ticket to having blood sugar spike quickly, as the carbs will be digested fast. Try pairing your carbs with protein and fats to help lower the quick spike.

Not Lifting Weights

People who try to monitor blood sugar often think cardio is the best way to manage spikes. This is true, however not lifting weights is leaving some blood sugar management on the table. This is because when muscle is built, it acts like a sponge to local glucose (which can come from your blood) to help fuel the muscles. Adding in some resistance training into your workout routine helps keep your blood sugar stable not just during a workout, but throughout the day as well.

Neglecting Your Sleep

Sleep is foundational for health in all aspects of your life. On top of making you feel refreshed, sleep also helps in blood glucose regulation as well. Cutting your sleep is a sure fire way to decrease your bodies ability to manage blood sugar appropriately. This is partly due to the two hormones sleep helps regulate. When you get improper sleep, your ghrelin or hunger hormone goes up, and your leptin or fullness hormone goes down. Basically, you are more hungry, and will feel less full when you neglect your sleep.

Eating Carbs First

Another quick hack in managing your blood glucose better is by switching up the order you eat your food at meals. If you normally eat your potatoes, before heading into your veggies and meat, try switching the order. Eating higher fiber carbs and protein first, slows digestion of carbohydrates to a longer time frame, keeping the blood sugar levels much more stable.

Starting Your Day Wrong

If you normally lean towards cereals, bagels, and muffins for breakfast, you are asking to have your blood sugar go out of whack. Starting off your day with these types of foods, spikes your blood sugar tremendously, which can lead to a crash of energy around lunch time. What happens when you lack energy? You often go towards… yep.. unhealthy foods, typically high in processed carbs. These foods unfortunately start a vicious cycle of consistently spiking your blood sugar again and again. Start your day with a protein rich breakfast like eggs, and some fruit, instead of just straight carbohydrates.

Neglecting Your Water

Being dehydrated can actually increase your blood sugar. When you drink enough water, this allows your body to excrete excess sugar from your body through the urine. This is especially true if you are someone with diabetes who can’t manage their blood sugar very well. Being dehydrated also makes you hungry, which can cause you to overeat on food in general, potentially some of which is high processed carbs that can spike your blood sugar.

One More Thing

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