Senior Balance Exercise – Low Impact Agility and Balance Training for Seniors

When it comes to reducing the risk of falls in seniors and individuals with disabilities, we often think of practicing balance drills. Whether this is having your feet together and holding, using a balance pad, or practicing slow marching, there are endless ways that you can practice your static and dynamic balance. One of the often glossed over portions of balance, and reducing the risks of falling is your agility.

Your agility is simply the ability of your body to be able to move quickly and precisely in space. It would be evident that this would be extremely important to reduce the risk of falling as if you aren’t able to move quickly… well you get the picture. Agility becomes much slower as you age, so making sure you practice your agility and balance together is extra important!

Some of the exercises that seniors and individuals with disabilities can do to improve your balance and agility are:

  • Quick foot taps
  • Balance catches
  • Slalom races
  • Lily pad hops
  • Shuttle run

We created a great video below that you can check out to see these balance drills in action. Did I mention that they are low impact, making them great for seniors and individuals with disabilities to do.

Balance and Agility Exercises:

If you don’t already have a set of agility dots, make sure you grab some of the agility dots we use in the video to be able to practice the drills effectively!

Agility Dots can be purchased on Amazon here.

Good luck and get moving!

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!

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