My Favorite Knee Pain Exercise of ALL TIME

The Transformative Slant Board Squat

If you’re tired of dealing with persistent knee pain, you’re not alone. Many individuals struggle with limited knee mobility and discomfort during exercises. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing with you my absolute favorite exercise that has the power to transform your knees – the slant board squat. Before we dive into the details, if you’re new to the channel, make sure to subscribe. We’re here to help individuals of all abilities improve their overall health and knowledge of the gym.

Understanding the Challenge: Knee Mobility

The key to overcoming knee pain lies in achieving a full deep squat position. Unfortunately, many people face difficulties bending their knees to the extent necessary for this position. The inability to flex the knees properly is a common cause of knee pain. A healthy knee joint should allow for full compression at the bottom of a squat, where you can comfortably bear your weight.

The Solution: Slant Board Squat

Enter the slant board squat – a game-changer in addressing knee pain. This exercise enables individuals to achieve a deeper squat position by elevating the heels. The slant board provides the necessary support, allowing you to focus on bending your knees without the added strain on your ankles.

Variations for All Levels: Balancing Act

To make the slant board squat more accessible, especially for beginners, consider using a balance pad or even a pillow. Placed behind your heels, this simple addition elevates your heels slightly, reducing the demand on ankle mobility. Remember, it’s okay to use aids like a wall or a support to make the exercise more comfortable and stable.

Starting Out: Confidence at the Bottom

Beginners can start by holding the bottom position of the squat as low as they can, gradually building confidence in this deep position. This foundational step is crucial for improving tendon and ligament strength, fostering a positive impact on your knees.

Transitioning to the Slant Board: Elevate Your Game

Once you’re comfortable with the basic squat on a pillow, transition to the actual slant board. With adjustable settings, you can customize the elevation to your comfort level. Keep your feet apart on the board, toes slightly pointing out, chest up, and descend into the squat. Hold the position and come back up. This exercise is about progress, not perfection.

Increasing Difficulty Over Time

As your strength and confidence grow, consider adjusting the slant board to increase the difficulty. This step-by-step progression challenges your knees more, relying less on hip movement and more on the strength of your knees.

Incorporating Into Your Routine

If you’re just starting out, try the slant board squat two to three times a week, doing three sets of 10 with your body weight. Over time, you can add variations like front squats and back squats to further enhance your knee health.

Keep ‘In Mind

Remember, this exercise is a journey. Start slow, listen to your body, and watch your knee pain transform over time. For more slant board exercises to alleviate knee pain, check out our recommended blog post below. Don’t let knee pain hold you back – let’s work towards healthier, stronger knees together. Make sure to subscribe as well to bulletproof your knees for the rest of your life!

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