How to Do a Slantboard Step Down to FIX Knee Pain

Stop Knee Pain!

Are you tired of dealing with knee pain during your workouts or daily activities? Look no further than slantboard step downs! In this blog post below, and the video above, we’ll show you how to use this simple yet effective exercise to strengthen your knees and reduce pain. We’ll cover proper form, variations to target different areas of the knee, and tips for incorporating slantboard step downs into your workout routine. With the use of my client as a demonstration in the video above, you will quickly see exactly how to implement slantboard step downs into your workout routine! Say goodbye to knee pain and hello to stronger, healthier knees with slantboard step downs. Watch now to learn more!

Slantboard Step Down to FIX Knee Pain

Slantboard step downs are incredibly easy to do, and can offer you the ability to quickly and effectively cure knee pain. If you don’t have a slantboard, I am going to link below the one that I recommend and enjoy using the most.

Once you’ve purchased a slantboard for yourself, you are good to start trying out this exercise. For a slantboard step down, start with one foot on the side of the slantboard, with your heel all the way back towards the edge of the board. Next, with the foot dangling off to the side, you will gently reach the heel of that foot towards the ground. The way you will do this, is by bending the knee with the foot that is in contact with the slant board. After you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will bend and extend that knee for 20-50+ repetitions, until you feel a light burn in your quadricep muscles. Once you’ve reached that point, flip your feet and do it on the other leg! If you get confused on how the exercise should look, feel free to use the video above for consultation.

Making it Harder

Now the initial exercise is a great place to start, but might not be hard enough for everyone. Because of this, there are some ways to actually make this movement a little more difficult. Ways you can make the slantboard step down harder are:

  1. Adding a weight to hold onto with your hands.
  2. Raising the height of the slantboard into the sky.
  3. Going slower on the step down movement.
  4. Increasing the angle of the slantboard.

All of these are variations that I use in my workouts to make the slantboard step down just a little more tricky and more challenging. By adding in these variations, you can strengthen your knees even more so!

Before You Leave..

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