How Can Seniors Build Muscle?

Building enough muscle mass to maintain quality of life and independence is something that many older adults have as a top priority for themselves. Without enough muscle mass, a senior will not be able to live the most fulfilling life for themselves. Because of this, it is important to address how seniors can actually build muscle, to maintain the highest quality of life possible. Now, I should preface, we aren’t talking about becoming huge bodybuilders with bulging muscles. Older adults do need muscle, but not that much. The amount of muscle to perform activities of daily living is much less than this. With that said, maintaining enough muscle is still important for seniors.

How Can Seniors Build Muscle?

As mentioned in the video above, seniors build muscle just like anyone else. To build muscle, you need to challenge your bones, connective tissue, and muscles with varying types of resistance. This could be the use of weights, bands, or even bodyweight resistance. The goal is to provide extra stress to these tissues, to give them a reason to adapt and get better. If you are looking for a resistance training routine, we have numerous options that can be done from the comfort of your home. Below, I will link to our low impact strength training program for seniors to improve muscle and strength.

Another important aspect to note is your protein intake. For older adults, as mentioned in the video above, need more protein to maintain and build muscle than when they were younger. Their bodies aren’t able to use the protein as easily, thus needing more to compensate for the lack of protein being utilized. It is highly recommended to make a conscious effort to eat more protein than normal for any older adult trying to build muscle.

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