Healthy Restaurants in Davenport, Iowa – Bayside Bistro Review

For the health conscious individuals, finding the perfect options to eat at your favorite place is often difficult in Davenport, Iowa. With options that leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and lacking on proper nutrients, sometimes it seems better off to just not eat at all. The good news is that there are numerous local restaurants in Davenport, Iowa that serve fresh and vibrant food that will not only have you leaving satisfied, but feeling rejuvenated. The local restaurant we will take a quick glance at today, is .Bayside Bistro of Davenport, Iowa.

Bayside Bistro is located in the East Village of Davenportf, accompanying many other local eateries and a beautiful view of the Mississippi river. The heart and sole of the Bistro is the Howlett family, pumping out consistently high quality food, with an even higher quality of service. I will say when I went there with my family for the first time, the service was a little slow and backed up. At the time the head cook, actually came out after all of the mishappenings of the service and personally welcomed us to the shop, asked us how are food was, and apologized for the wait. You could tell by how animated she was with her interaction that she truly loves giving her gift to the Quad Cities community. Most of the reason why going to eat at these local restaurants is because of the experience you recieve in addition to the food. Not only was the Staff friendly and welcoming, but the decor in the restaurant was also a highlight. The vibe I got from when sitting was the same type of feeling I would get sitting at a local cafe near a beach. Although simplistic, the pictures and setup of the restaurant still had a unique touch. These things are all important, but what about the food?

As mentioned, especially in the midwest, finding food that won’t break the bank for your daily calories, and also provide you nourishment for the rest of the day. .Bayside Bistro does not struggle with either of these. Although they do offer a couple things that might be considered “unhealthy” most of their options are far from this. I personally got a bayside baja grilled chicken sandwich, that came with a house made coleslaw on top. This was a great option, and adds to the many other choices including a salmon burger, po’ boy sandwich, philly cheese steak, and many more. My mother got the turkey burger which typically come out dry and flavorless. They did a great job spicing this up and making it taste.. well.. less turkey-ish. When it comes to sides, they offer cilantro rice, beans, and sweet potatoes (which were absolutely amazing). I really enjoy places that deviate away from simply giving french fries at every meal, so this was incredibly refreshing. If sandwiches aren’t your style, they have something else for you. This includes smoothies, power bowls, and even fresh salads. My little brother got one of their “breakfast break” smoothies which was simple, filling, and delicious. Perhaps my favorite thing about this place is that the portions were reasonable for what someone would need. Too often places will give you way more food than someone needs to be healthy and maintain their weight. Bayside Bistro gives you your fair share of delicious food, but not too much where you will feel like you need to be sent out on a stretcher. The freshness of the ingredients was apparent, making me want to come back for more. Overall I would highly recommend Bayside Bistro for anyone looking for a quick, healthy option, with a seating atmosphere the gleans character.

If you want to find out more about them, feel free to visit Bayside Bistro online. You can also check out their Rock Island location too! Happy and healthy eating all!

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