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There are a wide variety of retirement guides and resources online for seniors and older adults. Because of this, It may be hard to know which ones to reach out to for information. I wanted to the time to highlight a retirement resource for seniors, RetireGuide, which provides a variety of retirement resources for individuals looking to take their first steps in retirement. The creators over at RetireGuide were nice enough to right out a small article for our viewers on health and wellness, as a brief introduction to their full articles linked below!

Exercise for Seniors

Exercising can be critical to maintaining your health when you are older. Regular physical activity can prevent a number of diseases, keep you in shape both physically and mentally and extend your lifespan. Older adults should avoid strenuous or intense exercises that may cause injury, but even moderate exercise — like taking regular brisk walks — can make an impact for seniors.

How Can Exercise Improve Your Health?

Exercising regularly provides many health benefits during retirement life. Making time for physical activity is a good habit to get into at any point in life, but it can be especially beneficial to older adults by keeping them active and mobile late into life.

Even the healthiest seniors probably don’t have the same physical strength or endurance as their younger counterparts. Some traditional, low-impact exercises can benefit seniors as well. Activities like cycling and walking are smart choices for seniors looking for low-impact options. Workouts involving chair exercises can also be good options for less mobile individuals. Physical activity is important for seniors because it can help prevent conditions like obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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Otherwise, you can also visit their website to learn more about their other retirement resources they have as well. RetireGuide website.

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