Free Fruits and Vegetables In Iowa – Double Your EBT Dollars

There are so many barriers to eating healthy in our modern society. Whether it’s the price of fresh produce, ease of access to unhealthy food, or simply a lack of knowledge of how to prepare fresh produce, there is clearly something that needs to be addressed. If you are already on a fixed budget, trying to work in extra fruits and vegetables can sometimes seem tricky when there is already so many different things you have on your grocery list. One of the awesome programs I stumbled upon recently, is a “Double Your EBT Dollars” program offering extra EBT dollars specifically towards fresh fruit and vegetables. If you are unfamiliar with the program, let’s take a look at some of the key points.

Double Your EBT Dollars Program

Double Your EBT dollars program offers a great way to increase the amount of healthy fruits and vegetables you can purchase with your EBT card. The program is incredibly easy to follow. All you have to do is go to local grocery stores that are participating in the program. This can be found on the website for the program. Once you are at a participating grocery store, all you have to do is purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, and you will receive up to 10 extra dollars for free fruits and vegetables. This can be done only once per day. If you are confused, essentially, you can get $20 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, for only $10 if you have an EBT card.

Farmer’s Market’s Double EBT Dollars

Another awesome aspect of the program is that you can actually get extra EBT dollars at the farmers market as well. The program works the exact same way, where SNAP eligible foods get an extra $10 per day free if you purchase $10 in produce. This is a really neat aspect of the program as it allows locals to take advantage of fresh produce, while also supporting local farmers in the area.

Participating Locations

One of the most important aspects of the program, is making sure that you can find participating locations that will give you the free produce. For a full list of the locations, visit the Double Your EBT Dollars website here.

This is just one of many great programs that helps assist local Iowans in getting fresh fruit and vegetables for themselves. Breaking down barriers to healthy food access is incredibly important for long-term public health efforts. This is one step of many that are being done for the health of our community!

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