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Brain injury is something that can happen to literally anybody. Which is what makes it so scary. It could come from a fall out in public, a head hit during a sporting event, or even when driving or riding on a motorcycle. This is exactly what happened to a lady that I met at the most recent Quad Cities Senior Expo. She was on a motor cycle and had a terrible accident. Because of this, she now has a brain injury which causes her eyes to “wander” when she is talking. This is when she told me about the brain injury group, Empower House, which is located in the Quad Cities. She is dedicated to the group, and uses them as a support system. I decided to take a look at what Empower House offers to the community, to help educate you on what they do and how they can help!

Empower House Services

Daily Activities

Empower House has a wide variety of daily activities at their respective Clubhouse in the Quad Cities. This is what the “Clubhouse” is built on. Empower House provides the opportunity for individuals with brain injuries to treat the “Clubhouse”, like it is a place of work. The great part about this part of the program, is that it is structured around a similar “working” day. This includes a six hour period, Tuesday-Thursday, which rivals “normal” business hours done in the community. I think this is a very neat concept, as it allows individuals with brain injuries to not feel like they are outside of what is normal in society, even if they can’t fully participate in their pre-injury work load. Some of the activities done at the Clubhouse during the day are planning events, answering phones, light housekeeping, and many more.

Social and Recreational Programs

On top of the normal, daily programming that Empower House Quad Cities offers to help foster a sense of purpose in the community, they also offer opportunities for social and recreational opportunities. This is done outside of the normal “daily activity” hours, almost mimicking what it would be like to “get off work” and hang out with friends and enjoy leisure activities. This program, like many leisure activities, is done on evenings, holidays, and even weekends.

Additional Services

At Empower House Quad Cities, they understand that not all brain injuries are alike. Because of this, individuals will require different levels of care and needs that will help them achieve the most fulfilling life for themselves. Additional services at Empower House can involve general medical care, help with finding affordable housing, accessing benefits related to their brain injury, help with budgeting, dealing with any legal issues, and even something as simple as education about a topic and socialization for their life.

Interested in Joining?

If you are someone who has a brain injury, or knows someone with a brain injury and are interested in becoming a member of Empower House Quad Cities, you can visit their website here. You are just moments away from a wonderful community, impactful social support, and a more fulfilling life. In addition, you can also donate to their cause here.

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