All Strong Fitness Featured in Special Needs Fitness Magazine Spring/Summer 2022 Edition

All Strong Fitness was featured in the most recent article of the special needs fitness magazine. If you are unfamiliar with the special needs fitness magazine, it is an online publication that works to inform individuals with special needs, as well as caregivers, about numerous different aspects of health and fitness for this specific publication. The publisher of the publication, Yomi Karade, has a son with disabilities and has seen the impact that fitness and health has done for him. She started the magazine to help spread the word about inclusive fitness, and enjoys letting the perspectives of other health, rehabilitation, and overall wellbeing specialists be shared to the world. The primary goal with all of her work is to help fitness and health become more accessible and overall inclusive for all.

Because of this, All Strong Fitness reached out to her about writing articles for the magazine. We have contributed two articles, one focusing on preventative medicine, and the other focusing on intimidation in the gym. Thanks so much to Yomi for letting us write for teh magazine. To check out the the magazine, and learn more about Yomi, visit the special needs fitness magazine website.

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!

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