72 Year Old Woman GIVES The Workout That Keeps Her Toned

Age is Just a Number

I have worked with numerous seniors of varying age and abilities. What is evident with all of them, is the ones who are physically active consistently, are the ones who can truly move and look the best, even into their golden years. I came across a video the other day, showing what 72 year old fitness influencer Babette Davis does to keep fit and in shape. The rest of the article, in addition to the video above, will discuss the workout she did, and if I think it’s appropriate for seniors to be doing.

What’s the Workout?

The workout that Babette Davis did, consisted of 5 movements. These movements were a goblet squat, dumbbell good morning, push-up, dumbbell row, and a stick dead bug. Collectively, these exercises work your entire body, including your back, legs, arms, and core. One thing I was really impressed with was how well rounded this program was. So many individuals often focus on just doing arms or legs only. For beginners, and the seniors I work with, I always try to do full body with them, simply because they are usually only working out a couple days of the week. It’s also refreshing to see her practicing complex movements like squats and pushups, which work multiple joints and muscles at a time.

Is the Workout Appropriate?

You might be asking, should a 72 year old be doing a workout like that? The answer is, it depends. Some older adults are incredibly fit and can easily do a workout like this. For many that I work with, I would actually have them do very similar movements to this. Instead of a goblet squat, I might have them do a body weight squat. Instead of normal pushups, I might have them do wall pushups. It’s all completely relative to the individuals strength. I would make sure to still be practicing these movements (squat, pushing, pulling, hinging, and core strength) with everyone. Overall, I love the workout and how she’s showing just how anyone of any age can get and maintain their fitness.

One More Thing

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