3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Lift Weights

Weight training is something that is mainly seen as an activity for athletes, younger individuals, or people who want to get big and bulky. Although these three types of individuals often do want to get more muscle, and potentially bigger, these are not the only individuals who should get into lifting weights.

Seniors, or individuals with disabilities, are often a portion of society that neglects physical activity, including weight training. This is extremely unfortunate as this population would benefit greatly in numerous different ways from adding resistance training in their lives. Briefly, we will touch on three reasons why I believe that seniors or individuals with special needs should lift weights.

If you would enjoy learning more in depth about the subject, I have a video going into more detail here:

The three reasons why I believe seniors or individuals with special needs should resistance train are:

  • Improving muscle mass
    • Seniors often have very low muscle mass and strength, which makes activities of daily life much more difficult. Resistance training directly helps with this.
  • Improving bone mineral density
    • Most seniors, especially females, are at risk of developing osteoporosis, or a loss of bone mineral density. Having low bone mineral density increases the chances of fractures occurring. Lifting weights directly helps stave off osteoporosis.
  • Improving confidence
    • Seniors are often scared to do different activities because they are afraid that they might hurt themselves. Performing resistance training builds their psychological confidence to help them realize that they are not fragile, and can do all sorts of activities without hurting themselves.

There are so many great reasons seniors should workout. These are just a few! If you are interested in doing an inclusive fitness routine, we have some free videos here for you to follow below:

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!

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