When is the Best Time to Workout?

When is the best time to work out to remain consistent?

Like most things with fitness and lifestyle it depends. The advice that I usually give the individuals that I am working with is the best time to work out, is the time that works for them. You are probably thinking to yourself “duh, I know that.” But it really is true. The benefits that can be received from working out are largely from consistency in your work out program. If you are working out at a time of day that isn’t sustainable for yourself, it is likely not going to be the best time to work out. With that said, there will be some times where the only time you can work out, is during a time that isn’t ideal for you. If you sleep poorly, but the morning is the only available time you have to exercise, then you may unfortunately have to put up with it. This is going to take some mental toughness, but also some planning beforehand so your mornings are smooth and excuse free, when trying to fit in your work out. This is just an example, and can also apply to working out during other parts of the day.

When is the best time to work out for performance?

Beyond sustainability, some individuals have lots of free time, and simply want to know the best time to work out for the best results. For the most part, again, the time doesn’t particularly matter. The main thing you want to try to do is keep your work out times consistent, so your body gets used to the workout during that designated time of day. Personally, if I work out outside of my normal time frame, my performance and effort simply just isn’t the same. I usually feel more tired, and not filled with as much vigor to participate. For me, my sweet spot is usually mid-morning between 9-11 a.m. I find that I have woken up enough at this point, and my body is ready to move and exercise. This is usually before many of my obligations I need to attend to are, allowing me to have enough energy to participate. This is usually the same for others, but unfortunately doesn’t fit because individuals have day jobs. In the end, it will depend on you and come down to “when do I feel the best?”

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