The Only At Home Beginner Workout Routine You’ll EVER Need

Let’s Get Fit!

So you wanted to start working out. But you quickly realize that you don’t have a gym membership, have been minimal equipment, and don’t have much base at your home. Is all hope lost for you? Not at all. The video above, in addition, to the brief descriptions below, will outlined a simple begin workout, that you can do all from the comfort of your own home with just a little equipment!

At Home Beginner Workout

This at home workout will encompass four different exercises, that will offer a full muscle challenge for your entire body. When it comes to equipment, I would highly recommend either getting a backpack with a bunch of objects put into it, or you can also use a single dumbbell as well if you have one of those. The exercises are listed as follows. Complete each exercise for ten repetitions, before moving on to the next one. Once you’ve finished, repeat the sequence two more times, or until you’ve done the exercises 3 times in total.

Goblet Squats

To start off the work out, you will do goblet squats. This exercise is great for strengthening, your legs and your core strength as well. When you are doing this exercise, you will hold either the dumbbell or backpack at your chest, while doing the squat variation to a chair or object that is high enough for you to be able to do the movement.

Bent Over Row

The bent over row will challenge your back muscles and or muscles. When you were doing this movement, we are going to be doing it with one arm at a time. Make sure your back is straight as you are bent over in this position. Also, make sure you are using for range of motion, bringing your weight all the way up to your chest, and then straightening your arm back down at the bottom.

Dumbbell Deadlift

For the dead lift, you’ll hold either the object or single dumbbell in both of your hands right in front of you. You will then allow the waiter object to ride down your legs about to your shin level until you reach a point where you were ready to go back up. Then, you’ll stand back up tall and squeeze your butt. Make sure you are keeping your back straight throughout the entire movement.

Assisted Push-up

What are the assistant push-up you have a couple variations. As noted in the video, you can do an assistant push-up off of any object in your home that is elevated. This could be a countertop, a couch, or if you really need some extra assistance. You can even do a push-up off of the wall. Also, you can do push-ups off of your knees onto the assisted object as well which will make this much easier.

One More Thing

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