Stop Eating Salads! (If You Want to ACTUALLY Lose Weight)

No More Salads

If you currently are eating a salad or any other type of healthy food to try to lose weight, you might be wasting your time. This article, in addition to the video about why your healthy food you are eating, is likely making you gain so much extra weight.

Calories in vs Out

We need to first address the idea of calories in vs out as a concept. To lose weight, you must eat less calories per day than you burn. To find out the number of calories you need to eat per day, I would recommend checking out the NIH Bodyweight planner, below:

For all intensive purposes, let’s use a 47 year old, 185 pound male, who’s lightly active, and is 5’ 9” for an example. If that same person wants to lose 10 pounds in the next 6 months, and isn’t going to change their activity at all, he would need to eat about 2500 calories a day to get to that goal weight. That’s great! So how is he going to get there? Eating healthy food like salads and greens of course.. should be easy right?

Making Healthy Food Unhealthy

So many people when trying to lose weight will take their calorie goal and then try to eat “healthy” food to lower their intake. Unfortunately, they often make that healthy food.. well.. unhealthy. Let’s use a salad for example. Say you have a nice bed of lettuce greens, with some tomatoes, and onions. Only about 100 calories here. Maybe less. Not bad, but you need to add some dressing right? Most people will use a large amount of full fat dressing. This could easily add 300 calories. “But I like my crotons and cheese as well.” Add those on, too. Even just a standard serving of both of those could add another 200 calories. Keeping track? We are now at a 600 calorie salad. But there is still something missing.. some protein! How about a boiled egg and some a small piece crispy chicken (a little fried food won’t hurt.) Although you are getting some good protein in, you have just inflated your salad to 1000 calories in total. And that’s before you have your main course, soda, and maybe a small cookie for a dessert. Add another 800-1200 calories. This one meal could easily account for this individuals entire calorie goal (2500 calories) for weight loss.

What We Can Learn

What we can learn from this is that you can quickly make any “healthy” food unhealthy. Have popcorn, which is healthy and low in calories, and add a bunch of butter to it. Take some broccoli, and load it up with cheese to make it taste better. All of these show that your calories can get shot up so fast if you aren’t aware of what your doing.

One More Thing

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