Protein Consumption for Health and Fitness (plant vs animal, supplements, & dangers)

Protein Intake and Your Health

If you are trying to learn how much protein you need, what the best sources of protein are, and if protein supplements are really good for you, our podcast this week dives into these topics and many more. Make sure to check out the full recording above to learn all about protein intake for yourself, and how to optimize it for a body that functions at it’s highest capacity!

One More Thing

Make sure to subscribe to our blog to receive the most recent fitness and health information, helping individuals of ALL abilities and walks of life. If you don’t want to do that, I think you would enjoy this other article I created, giving you a few simple ways to improve lose belly fat quickly with only ONE simple exercise!

Lose Belly Fat Forever With This ONE Simple Exercise

What Exercise Should You Do? What exercise should you do to lose belly fat forever? Cardio? Weight Training? Ab Exercises? These are all options that most people do to try to lose weight in their stomach. This article will detail the one simple exercise you can start implementing to lose belly fat forever. This exercise…

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