If I Just Started Working Out in 2023, This is What I’d Do

Gym Success in 2023

I have been working out for over 10 years, and have made a lot of mistakes along the ways. If you are reading this article , I’m guessing that you are considering to start working out in 2023, and are not sure exactly where to start. This article will share some of the insight I’ve had from years working out, and a few simple tips that will make make 2023 a year you actually stick to your fitness plan.

Beginner Workout Tips for 2023

Focus on Multi Joint Exercises

One of the things that most people do when starting in the gym is focus on single joint exercises. These are exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions, and only work a small amount of muscles at a time. Instead, you should focus on multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, and presses which work multiple muscles during one lift. Not only do these exercises work the most amount of muscle, but they also help to strengthen your body for activities outside of the gym

Make Performance Related Goals

Another thing I would do is to make sure I am focused mainly on performance related goals in the gym. Too often, we get tied up in how much weight we may be losing day to day, instead of enjoying the process of working out in general. This can cause frustration and lead to quitting your fitness goals in 2023 early. Examples of performance related goals would be doing your first pull-up, running a mile without stopping, and doing 20 pushups in a row.

Don’t Waste Time on Supplements

In addition to that, so many people who are just starting out in the gym waste their time on supplements and pills that don’t actually do anything. These products are often sold by people who have been lifting for years and don’t even use the products themselves. Although a select number of supplements have a small benefit to your gym success, you will make 95% of your fitness progress in 2023 without the use of supplements. And although that point is important, it isn’t the most important thing to remember.

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Pick Workouts You Enjoy

Something that beginners often do when they start working out is picking exercises they don’t enjoy. Why would they do this? They think it will lead to better results. If you see one of your friends lose a bunch of weight running, you might start running just to reap some of the weight loss benefits. If you hate running, then guess what? You will quit running and probably your exercise routine in general, because you can’t stick to it. In 2023 try out as many types of exercises and workouts you enjoy and stick with the ones you like!

Understand Why You Started

One of the ways you can also stick to your gym program routine is by reminding yourself why you started. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Feel better? These are things that are important to know, and will help to motivate you when you are not feeling like working out if you’re just starting in 2023.

If you’re starting out in the gym, you might be following a few beginner fitness trends right now. The article linked below will educate you on a few of them, so you can make even more progress in 2023! If you want to follow a gym program in 2023, feel free to check out my daily low impact strength program I designed below as well.

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