How to Adjust a Recumbent Bicycle Seat for Your Height

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Todays article, in addition to the video above, will talk about how to move the bicycle seat on a recumbent bike and set it for your own height. With a quick adjustment, you’ll be comfortable and biking in no time!

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How to Adjust a Recumbent Bicycle Seat for Your Height

Adjust The Seat

The first thing we need to learn is how to actually move the seat. Typically on recumbent bicycles, there is a handle below or around the actually seat that moves the seat. Sometimes this is a knob that you pull out, while other times it is a lever you pull up or down. Search around your seat, and find this handle. Once you find it, work whatever mechanism that is offered, and practice moving the seat forward and backward. Once you’ve done that, you can actually set the seat for your specific height.

Set The Bike for Your Height

Once you’ve gotten the hang of actually moving the seat up and down yourself, you can actually adjust the seat height for your specific build. Go ahead and sit down, and place your feet in the pedals. As I demonstrate in the video above, the rule of thumb that I like to use it to set the bike seat so that when your pedal is fully extended with one leg, there is a tiny bit of bend in the knee. This allows you to fully extend your leg, and produce lots of power, without overextending the knee, which can reduce the amount of power applied into the pedal. All in all, this is completely variable to the individual and can be switched around as needed. Try moving it up a little more, or down from this rule of thumb. You’ll be good to go in no time!

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