Free Weights vs. Machines, Getting Started With Exercise, Foot Pain With Walking (Fitness Q&A)

New Podcast Inbound!

Listen in to our most recent podcast, talking about all things Fitness and health. This week, I decided to go for a FAQ type of style, answering questions I get asked a lot, in addition to one’s I found on beginner fitness Reddit. The topics discussed were:

  • I’m Lost and Don’t Know What to do at the Gym
  • How to Start a Walking Program to Lose Weight
  • Should Beginners Use Free Weight or Machines at the Gym?
  • Should I Do Cardio Before or After Weights?
  • “I Have Neuropathy Pain in My Feet When Walking”
  • How to Start Exercise When Busy
  • Is it Better to Workout With a Partner or Alone?
  • I Only Have $25 for at Home Gym Equipment

Check out the video podcast link above, to find out my best answers on all these topics! Make sure to subscribe to our blog as well to receive all of our newest articles OR check out another article below, I think you might enjoy!

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