Fixing Osteoporosis: Bone Disease Treatments NEVER Talked About

The Bones And Your Body

We have 206 bones in our body. These bones provide crucial support that help us to remain steady and stable through all of our daily activities. Whether we are walking, talking, or just living, our bones give us the base to lay the rest of our body on. Unfortunately, as individuals get older, they often find that their bones get weaker and more porous. They might even get to the point where they begin to develop osteoporosis. The good news, is that there are a few different treatments and preventative measures that one can take to hopefully reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis, and stopping any bad side effects from bone disease occurring in the first place. Let’s see what they are!

Importance of Intervention

When it comes to improving the quality of life for individuals, I try to offer as much lifestyle and preventative medicine advice as possible. Some of the advice in the video above, and description below will directly help your osteoporosis. Other advice will more directly help to reduce yourself from falling and hurting yourself. This is because one of the most common ways that older adults end up becoming permanently disabled is from falling and fracturing a large portion of their bones that were osteoporotic. I do want to mention that if you don’t follow EVERY piece of advice in this article, your osteoporosis will likely get much worse.

Bone Disease Treatments for Osteoporosis

Continuing To Move

I hate even needing to bring this up, but sometimes people will get told that they simply shouldn’t move because it increases their chances of falling and hurting themselves. Although this is true to some degree, not moving will make your balance poor AND decrease the load put onto your bones. To improve your bone density you need to continue to move as “resting” will only make it worse.

Getting Check Ups

The next thing that you need to remember about osteoporosis is that it is silent but deadly. This is because you could be living your life, feeling fine, and then have what is seemingly a small fall. Little do you realize at the time, you actually just fractured numerous bones in your leg from the fall because you were osteoporotic. If you get frequent check ups, you can avoid having osteoporosis and bone disease sneak up on you.

Structure Your Home Well

This may seem like advice that doesn’t make any sense. But think about it. If you have a home that has numerous different fall risk, such as carpets, shoes everywhere, and lots of clutter, you might end up falling not once, twice, but multiple times. Falling doesn’t cause osteoporosis, as we just detailed. If you do have osteoporosis, the outcomes from falling could be horrific. Make sure you minimize fall risks in your home.

Resistance Training

One of the best ways to improve bone mineral density and decrease the chances of osteoporosis is from consistently resistance training. Resistance training often has a bad repetition, even to the point where some people think that resistance training will make your osteoporosis worse. Not resistance training is a fatal error as it will not only help your bone health, but will keep the rest of your body healthy as well. If you are interested starting a low impact exercise program, we designed an excellent one, below that has helped numerous individuals improve their strength and capabilities.

Doing High Impact Activity

Last but not least is doing high impact physical activity. If you currently do have pains in certain joints, this might not be the most comfortable and viable option for you. If you do not, however, have any pains, high impact physical activity like running and walking is actually great to improve bone strength. This is because high impact activities signal the body to increase the bone mineral density.

These are a few of many great ways to improve your bone mineral density to stop osteoporosis and bone disease. Follow them closely for the best results!

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