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Special Strong

Special Strong was one of the first adaptive and inclusive fitness resources that I stumbled upon when I was first getting into the world of adaptive fitness. To be completely honest, I thought the idea I had, being to make fitness more accessible for individuals of all abilities, was completely novel. I realized quickly that Special Strong was already leading the pack on this front, already serving numerous individuals of all abilities in health and wellness. This article is in hopes of highlighting some of the services they offer, and simply spread the word of the numerous different adaptive and inclusive fitness resources out there.

What is Special Strong?

Special Strong is an inclusive fitness company that is catered towards helping individuals with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities improve their independence and health through structured exercise programs. The owner of Special Strong, Daniel Stein, was diagnosed with a variety of disorders when he was younger. During this time he also took up exercise and realized that true importance that it can bring to individuals of all abilities. This is when him and his wife decided to start Special Strong in Texas, to help serve the population that is often overlooked in society.

What do They Offer?

Personal Training

One of the cornerstones of Special Strong is their personal training options. Offered in either 30 or 50 minute sessions, the personal training sessions allow individuals of all abilities to improve their fitness and health with one on one coaching, supervision, and guidance. The individuals training the participants are well versed in working with individuals with disabilities, as well as understanding the nuances of exercise science and programming. This would be a great option for individuals looking for a close personal connection and specific programming for their goals. Personal training from Special Strong is offered both in-home, as well as on-site.

Group Training

If you are looking for a small group exercise class for your company that serves individuals with disabilities, Special Strong has you covered as well! Their 45 minute inclusive classes are led by certified instructors, and can help individuals all the way from child age to adulthood. The great part about Group Training is that it helps individuals with disabilities to work on their social skills, which are usually underdeveloped and lacking. In addition to this, new friendships through fitness will be started and built over the time of the classes being ran.

Virtual Personal Training

One of the big things that has evolved over the years is the use of technology. Special Strong is no stranger to that as they offer virtual personal training for families and individuals with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities. The live trainers offer the exact same level of confidence and expertise as the in-person personal training, without the hassle and concern of in-person contact. One of the other cool aspects about the virtual personal training is that they give custom workouts delivered right to the phone, which can be used at the various locations of Special Strong.


The only bad thing about Special Strong is that they currently are only located in two states at the time of writing this article. The two states are Texas and Arizona. The Texas locations are heavily based around the Houston and Dallas regions, while the Arizona location is near Phoenix. With that said, you can of course access the virtual personal training, which we detailed above, from any location across the globe. For full access to their locations, feel free to visit the website here.

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Start Your Own Adaptive Gym

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of inclusive Special Strong gyms across the country, they actually have a great franchising opportunity. Special Strong does their best to make sure the startup costs are fairly reasonable, at about 50-60k to start everything. From there, you will simply go through the process of learning the logistics of owning the gym and gain all the necessary tools to do so. They are currently only doing franchising of existing gyms that they are “buying out,” which makes the cost of this much more affordable for individuals to start. Special Strong is looking to start their first Brick and Mortar build soon in Texas. For more details on this opportunity click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Special Strong and what they do, feel free to visit their full website here.

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