Inclusive Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is something that should not be catered only to individuals that comprise the general public. Underserved individuals are often neglected in numerous aspects of life, including improving their health and fitness.

All Strong Fitness provides underserved populations the opportunity to learn about fitness, participate in exercise, and become more independent in their health journey. We have worked with special olympics athletes, best buddies members, a wide variety of senior citizens, high-risk inner city individuals, and many others that are forgotten about. Above shows a few of the ways we have helped to improve the education of health for these populations.


I REGRET Making THESE Gym Mistakes (as a Beginner)

When you first begin your journey into working out and becoming a healthier version of yourself, there are so many things to consider. Where am I going? What will I wear? What should I do? There are SO many things to think about, that we often make mistakes along the way, simply due to all of the logistics that go into starting an exercise routine. When I first started in the gym, I made numerous mistakes that set me back in my progress. This post, in addition to […]

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All Strong Fitness works at creating free educational content and videos for individuals often underserved in society. To continue to keep creating the highest quality of videos and content, and to help support our goals of spreading the word of inclusive fitness, we greatly appreciate any donations!


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