5 BEST Exercises to Keep an Aging Body Strong & Fit in 2023

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This article, in addition to the video above, will detail some of my favorite exercises that I use with the seniors that I work with to keep them strong and fit throughout their daily lives. By following every single exercise in the video, you’ll be able to remain independent in your daily lives. This article briefly detail, the aspects of fitness will be trying to work, and show you the exercises to work those various areas.

What Are We Working?

Most of the programs I develop for seniors focus on three specific areas. These areas are typically mobility, strength, and balance. Sometimes it’s hard to work on all of these separately, which is exactly why the exercise is a chose work most of these aspects altogether. I’m going to link below some of the products that we will use throughout the exercises down below if you didn’t want to look at those for yourself. Refer to the video above for full demonstrations of the exercises.

5 BEST Exercises to Keep an Aging Body Strong & Fit in 2023

Single Arm Farmers Carry

This exercise is perfect because it targets your unilateral strength through your core, which also translates heavily to balance. The heavier the object you use with this exercise, the better. To add an extra balance component, you can also try doing the same exercise in a heel to toe fashion.

Step Ups

Step ups are perfect, because they are very functional and help to practice your ability to go up stairs. If you struggle with me pain, you can make your step a little bit smaller. Regardless, try to go nice and controlled when you are lowering your self, before, stepping up the next time.

Modified Burpee

If you’re not familiar with water Burpee’s, it is essentially laying down on the ground on your belly, and then pushing yourself back up into a standing position. We can do a modified version of this by not going all the way down, and lowering ourselves onto a small bench or couch, before pushing up. Overtime, we would ideally try to push ourselves off of the ground and a full Burpee.

Single Arm DB Row

The single arm dumbbell row will target your back and arm muscles. I also like doing this with seniors, because having only one dumbbell at a time actually challenges your balance a little more than two dumbbells. In addition to this, the postural muscles in the back are typically very weak in older adults.

Get Up and Go

I’m a huge fan of using agility exercises with seniors to improve their speed and reduce falls. This exercise not only does that, but also works your leg strength as well. For a tougher variation, try doing this same exercise with a weight in your hand.

One Last Thing

If you want to continue to improve balance, knowledge of the gym, and become healthier in life, regardless of your current abilities, you need to subscribe to our blog. If you don’t want to do that, I am going to link another article below, showing you a few more great strength exercises to keep you fit as you age!

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